Igloo Super Tough Sportsman 114L Brown

  • Mã số sản phẩm: IGL 00044936
  • Dòng sản phẩm: Super Tough
  • Giá bán: 5.690.000 Đ

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Thùng đá Igloo Super Tough Sportsman 114L

Logo thương hiệu IGLOO USA. Số 1 từ Mỹ chuyên sản xuất thùng đựng đá, túi giữ lạnh, bình tích lạnh, bình đá, phích giữ lạnh vắc xin

Thùng đá giữ lạnh bằng nhựa Super Tough - Dòng thùng đá giữ lạnh mới nhất của Igloo, đáp ứng mọi yêu cầu giữ lạnh lâu, Thùng đá Super Tough bền bỉ hơn, màu sắc thể thao độc đáo hơn.

Commercial Grade 
Exceptionally featured heavy-duty cooler! 
The Igloo® Super Tough™ product line is designed to meet the increasing demand for higher performance coolers from heavy-duty users, such as commercial fishermen, hunters, and work sites. Every mechanical aspect of coolers and their usage were considered when engineering the best and longest lasting solutions.
Color: Brown

Made in USA    

Ready identification of “Super Tough” by unique color hits on key features 
Bolt-through-body side handles with gasketed heavy-duty back-up plates – won’t pull out even under heavy loads 
Dual"Hybrid” latch is stainless steel where it matters – in the hinge area – and plastic in the snap area for longer life and secure closure 
Specially anchored, “Hybrid” hinges have a stainless steel hinge pin connecting the flexible plastic bodies of the hinges 
UV inhibitors guard against sun damage 
Threaded drain plug for quick draining and easy cleaning with stainless steel tether to prevent cap loss – threads are also hose-compatible for draining away from area of use
Fully foamed lid for maximum cold retention 

Holds ice up to 6 days at 32°C
Dual lid straps for even greater lid security 
Convenient fish measuring ruler on lid 

Poly Olefin
Ultratherm® insulation 

Dung tich nuoc trong thung dung da co banh xe Igloo Lon 350ml trong thung dung da co banh xe IglooChai 2L de trong thung dung da co banh xe Igloo

Capacity: 120 Quarts : 114 Liters : 188 Cans 12oz. Fits 2-Liter bottles, upright
Item Weight (kg) 8.55
Exterior Dimensions (cm - L x W x H) 97.6 x 43.3 x 45.1 

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