Igloo® Party Bar™ Liddup® 118L

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Thùng đựng đá Party Bar - Thùng giữ nhiệt - Thùng đá picnic
Thùng đá Igloo® Party Bar™ Liddup® 118L - Thùng đựng đá cho quảng cáo, sự kiện và Party được yêu thích nhất tại Hoa Kỳ

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Powered by LiddUp®

Party On!Learn more about the Party Bar™
Party on from day into night with the Igloo® Party Bar™ Cooler - Powered by LiddUp. This 125 quart ice chest is the ultimate party cooler for tailgating, outdoor events and more. Featuring 360° LED lighting from LiddUp, a built-in bottle opener with cap catch bin, removable drink dividers and bottle caddy, and an easily removable lid; the Party Bar provides all the essentials to entertain from day into night. For added convenience the Party Bar’s base with locking casters allows you to move your food and drink from the pantry to the party and is easily removed for use as an ice chest or for storage. With aesthetics that channel the grand-ole outdoor beer chests of a traditional Texas ice-house, this cooler anticipates your every merry-making. Style, function, and easy clean up - the Igloo® Party Bar™ is the light of the party!

Made in USA



Powered By LiddUp® – LED lights illuminate the cooler’s contents: Keep the party poppin’ into the wee hours with ease.
Removable Dividers – 2 liters to wine bottles, barley pops to root beer, divide and conquer your drink selections for all tastes and ages.
Removable Lid – Keep lid on for maximum cold retention or take it off for the ultimate open-beverage tub.
Locking Casters – Effortlessly roll your drinks from the pantry to the party. In between festivities? Take off the removable base and use the cooler as a standard ice chest.
Threaded Drain Plug – Hose compatible for an ultimate slosh-free clean up.
Bottle Opener – Pop bottles with ease & toss the caps in the convenient catch bin.
Heavy-Duty Handles – Load, lift, and carry without a care.
Utility Loops – Towels, tinsel, or trash bags—hang whatever you want from these handy holders.

Poly Olefin
Ultratherm® insulation

 Dung tich nuoc trong thung da nhua Igloo Lon 350ml trong thung da nhua Igloo Chai 2L de trong thung da nhua Igloo

Capacity: 125 Quarts : 118 Liters : 158 Cans 12oz. Fits 2-Liter bottles, upright
Item Weight (kg) 15.54
Exterior Dimensions (cm - L x W x H) 99.2 x 55.4 x 68.2
Interior Dimensions (in - Top L x W x H) 33.375 x 14.625 x 13.653
Internal Dimensions Bottom (in - L x W x H) 31.875 x 13.5 x 13.653

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