Igloo MiniTote Nomadic Taos 8Lon

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  • Dòng sản phẩm: Fashion
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Túi giữ nhiệt lạnh Igloo MiniTote Nomadic Taos 8Lon

Logo thương hiệu IGLOO USA. Số 1 từ Mỹ chuyên sản xuất thùng đựng đá, túi giữ lạnh, bình tích lạnh, bình đá, phích giữ lạnh vắc xin

It's A Cooler Bag
A Perfect, Classic Pairing.

Fashion constantly evolves, and our Igloo Trend products are continually updated to stay ahead. Our 2017 Trend collection has taken an array of on-trend floral patterns and re-imagined them, creating an assortment of colorful looks. It's our continued focus on "what's next" that makes us the LEADER in this category.

Color: SeafoamGreen-Black / Chambray-Lava / Navy-Lilac - New 2017

Made in China 

Sized roomy enough for most frozen microwave meals plus snacks/drinks 
Larger bottom accommodates packing meals flat 
Comfortable webbing handles for carrying convenience


Polartherm™ insulation  8mm  


Dung tich nuoc trong tui giu lanh loai nho - tui giu nhiet lanh Igloo- tui bao quan lanhLon 350ml trong tui giu nhiet lanh - tui giu lanh loai nho cao cap Igloo - tui bao quan lanh

Capacity: 7.4 Quarts : 7 Liters : 8 Cans 12 oz (350ml)
Item Weight (kg) 0.16 
Exterior Dimensions (cm - L x W x H) 33.02 x 16.51 x 20.32 

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